Business Process OutSourcing:

Zoftkar's BPO is the most volatile of all when it comes to operations. With the given parameters you need for delivery and so it becomes critical that you monitor your business even more closely with KPIs that are capable of identifying the minutest possible anomaly. Some of the KPIs that are key to any BPO are Average Handling Time (AHT), Customer Satisfaction and Quality to name a few. These as we know indicate how a center is performing and allow.

Business process outsourcing is a valuable strategy for companies seeking new ways to achieve high performance by controlling costs, reducing risk, fostering collaboration and increasing transparency. Business Process Outsourcing is a strategic step for companies looking to improve service levels, reduce costs, streamline processes, improve process efficiencies and gain access to best-in-class processes without investing in requisite technology and skills. ...more

  • Cutting edge software expertise.
  • Quick turnaround with rigorous quality checks.
  • Unique development methodology.
  • Solid development practices.
  • Solid approach to planning, scheduling and controlling processes.
  • Full implementation support.
  • Standardized Processes across Expanding Global Locations.
  • Driving Predictable Business Outcomes.
  • Industry Focused & Platform Based Solutions.
  • Pre-built Process Asset Based Solutions.